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Why get Consent Orders over a parenting plan?

    Clients quite often ask us why get Consent Orders over a parenting plan. A parenting plan is a written up agreement reached between two people usually following their having attended mediation through a family relationships centre.  Both parties sign the agreement which makes provision for the future care arrangements for a child or […]

What Are Consent Orders?

You’re probably here because you’ve been told you need a consent order, or you’re in the midst of dealing with a divorce or custody issues and you’re looking to get a consent order to make things easier. Don’t worry if you don’t understand completely what a consent order is or why consent orders are important. […]

Changing a Parenting Order and non-compliance

When the parents wish to change a Parenting Order because of changing arrangements for a child, or if either party cannot reasonably comply with it. What are the consequences of failing to comply with a Parenting Order? Determining what constitutes a failure to comply with a Parenting Order can be complicated and technical and the […]

No operation for the father however…

An application from the father of a child was considered by the Family Court in interim proceedings, whereby the father sought contact with his four year old son before and after surgery which the boy was about to undertake. The Judge explained that the focus of the court was to determine what was in the […]

Consent orders – all you need to know

A consent order is essentially a court order for family law matters, be it parenting arrangements or financial settlement (or both), that is entered into by private agreement between the parties and sealed by the court. What this means is that, rather than two people arguing their issues before a judge and allowing that judge […]

Trivial Might Be The Best Description

A case before the Family Court concerned an application by the mother of three children alleging that the father did not facilitate phone calls between the mother and the children while the children were in his care. The mother and father began living together in June 2006 and separated on 17 June 2013. There has […]

Whatever The Doctor Ordered

A case before the Family Court concerned the parenting arrangements for a nine year old child. The child was born in 2006 after the parents had a brief relationship that lasted approximately five months and the parties separated on a final basis before the child was born. The child was diagnosed with autism at aged […]