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Too Many Carers Cause Much Wrath

A hearing before the Family Court was noteworthy for the Judge’s comments on the parents of a child and their ability to properly care for their child. The Judge noted that there were concerns regarding the abilities of both of the grandmothers and their ability to allow  the mother and father to care for the […]

They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There, They Seek Him Everywhere

A hearing before the Family Court concerned a situation where the father and child were unable to be located.  The case concerns an eight year old girl. The proceedings involved the child’s mother, her father, a paternal aunt and the maternal grandmother and the Independent Children’s lawyer. On 28 November 2012, final parenting orders were […]

Four Into Two Won’t Go

  In a hearing in the Family Court, the Judge was asked to make orders regarding four children, aged 17, 16, 12 and 5. The father of the children wanted orders made for the parents to have equal shared parental responsibility for the children and that the children live with the father. The mother sought […]

The Money or The Flight?

A case before the Family Court concerned a mother who applied to take her child on a holiday to Europe. The father, as the respondent, asked the court to set a security of $30,000 before the mother could undertake the trip to ensure that she returned. The child lives with the mother and spends time […]

Father Seems Better Placed

A case before the Family Court required the Judge to determine new parenting arrangements for three children on an interim basis. The case concerned three children aged nine, seven and six. The parents commenced cohabitation in around 2005 and married in 2006 and a physical separation was effected when the mother and the children moved […]

‘Courting’ Trouble From Two Courts

A recent case before the Family Court concerned an application by the mother of two children seeking an order to restrain the father from prosecuting proceedings against a psychologist to restrain her from continuing to treat the children. The proceedings were commenced in the Federal Circuit Court and an application was made to a Judge […]

Can Be Seen But Not Shout, Attack or Physically Punish…..

A recent case before the Family Court concerned an application from the mother for interim orders in relation to her three children. The orders sought to suspend the time the children spend with the father. The father opposed the orders sought by the mother but conceded a suspension for a short time in relation to […]

Do Parents Always Know Best?

A recent hearing before the Family Court bought a stirring summary by the Judge of some of the difficulties faced by the Court in making decisions on a child’s future. The Judge in explaining the reasons for the decisions being made in the case stated that when a relationship breaks down and there is a […]