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family law adviceAt Kate Austin Family Lawyers, we speak to clients dealing with the process of separation on a daily basis.  Our divorce lawyers understand that separation can be a difficult and stressful experience.  Often, separating parties are at completely different stages of dealing with the separation, with one party already having come to terms with the idea of separating and the other not even having realising that things had progressed to this stage.

We often see clients before they’ve communicated their wish to separate, and our experience is that they want to know, at this early stage, where they stand and what their entitlements are likely to be.  We provide advice they can understand and rely on, and particularly in their first consultation with us, we see the benefits a client obtains, such as reduced anxiety and peace of mind, even from that early stage.

Armed with good, accurate advice, clients are in a much better position to make good and informed decisions.  When they know the likely outcome of their family law matter, they can make good decisions about resolving the issues between the parties, and are in a better position to negotiate a settlement of their case, keeping them in control and giving them confidence.

Providing good advice is something we pride ourselves on at Kate Austin Family Lawyers, whether you’re just considering your options with respect to a separation, whether you’re considering an offer of settlement that’s been made or considering making an offer of settlement, or at any stage during the course of our dealing with you.  Armed with good advice, you’re more likely to be able to resolve your case by agreement, with the peace of mind of knowing all your options, all your likely outcomes and maintaining some control in terms of the progress of your matter through to its conclusion. please give us a call.

Calling a Family Lawyer can be difficult, however we’re here to help if:

  • Your situation involves children.
  • Your situation involved property.
  • You are unsure what you are entitled to.
  • You don’t know what your next step should be.
  • Your partner is talking about moving away.

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