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Kate Austin Family Law are dedicated to the supply of premium quality Family Law advice. As Accredited Specialists, we provide advice in all areas of Family law including Divorce, Property Settlements, Children’s matters, Spousal Maintenance, and Consent orders.

We practice extensively in all areas of Family Law. With our dedicated team of Family Law Solicitors, we have the proven success to manage any Family Law issues that you have. With the degree of specialisation and dedication we have to this area of the law, you will find our expertise in this area is second to none. You will also find our staff willing to listen, empathetic and patient, so that you always feel comfortable and never intimidated.


The separation of a relationship can be difficult and upsetting for everybody involved, even at the best of times. Our staff at Kate Austin Family Lawyers appreciate how stressful this can be and recommend that you seek appropriate support both from a professional and a personal perspective.

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Property Settlements

Property settlement is the term given to the division of assets and liabilities of a relationship following a breakdown. There is a four-step approach that the Court takes before it makes a determination about how the property of a relationship should be divided.

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Parenting Arrangements

Parenting arrangements that are in the best interests of children are critical for children’s welfare. We understand that parenting arrangements can be complicated, especially once a relationship has broken down, however our firm strives to achieve a workable outcome that families can work with and one which is in your children’s best interests.

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Divorce proceedings are difference from property settlement proceedings, or arranging the ongoing and future arrangements for your children following a separation.

Divorce relates only to dissolving your marriage. You are unable to remarry until your divorce is finalised but there are timelines that apply and other important things you need to be aware of before an Application can be made.

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Child Support

Child support is money paid by one parent to the other for the benefit of the children of the parties’ relationship. By law, the primary responsibility for the cost of raising children rests with their parents.

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Spousal Maintenance

As accredited specialists in Family Law, Kate Austin Family Lawyers are in a great position to provide guidance for you in relation to the rights and responsibilities associated with spousal maintenance in Australia.

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Domestic Violence

Every year people die from domestic and family violence, even when there has been no history of physical violence. All forms of violence and controlling and obsessive behaviours should be taken seriously. Domestic Violence is an issue that arises all too commonly during family law separation and court proceedings. Despite it receiving more and more publicity it is unfortunately the case that thousands of cases of domestic violence continue to be reported in Australia each year.

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