Our Practice

Kate Austin Family Law specialises and practises only in Family Law.

Our expertise and experience is in litigation relating to complex, complicated and difficult cases in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court systems.

The practice’s main focus and experience lies in the financial aspects that arise as a result of a separation, whether the parties were married or in a de facto relationship. We can answer your questions about:-

  • Long and short relationships.
  • High income or significant contribution cases.
  • Superannuation.
  • Inheritances.
  • Spousal maintenance.
  • Child support.

If there are children involved, we also have substantial experience in complex cases relating to children. We can answer your questions about:-

  • Equal time applications.
  • Cases involving domestic violence.
  • International and domestic Relocation applications.
  • Hague convention related matters.
  • Alienation cases.

Rachel Stubbs, the Principal Solicitor of Kate Austin Family Law, was admitted to practice in 2000, and has run her own legal practice, employing up to 29 staff, for in excess of 14 years. Presently, the practice is a small, independent, specialised, private client only boutique firm.

Because we concentrate on just one area of law, our knowledge base is second to none.

No matter what your case involves, what difficulties you are experiencing, or what questions you have, we will be in a position to help you.

Our aim in running such a niche practice is to enable our clients to receive the personal care, attention and expertise that they need during what is often the most difficult period of their life. We are about listening to you, providing expert advice and knowing our trade, however as importantly, we pride ourselves on being available to you so you have absolute confidence, and peace of mind, every step of the way.

Rachel Stubbs – Principal

Rachel is the Principal Solicitor of Kate Austin Family Law. She has practiced in the area of family law almost exclusively for the last 17 years, having been admitted to practice in 2000. She has been an accredited specialist in the area of family law for the past ten years, having achieved this qualification in 2007

Rachel is also a qualified family dispute resolution practitioner, qualified by the Attorney General’s Office to issue Section 60I Certificates, having obtained this certification in 2009.

She is also a certified collaborative law practitioner.

Rachel obtained a law degree with the specific goal of practicing in the area of family law. Family law is a very specialized area but a solid knowledge base must be matched with a personality suited to clients going through one of the most difficult periods of their lives. A good family lawyer not only understands the law, they can articulate it in a way people can understand. They have social intelligence, bringing the right approach at the right time. They can communicate effectively, whether they’re talking to a client, an opponent, or a judge. They’re also able to empathise and be a solid support for their clients, providing not only legal know how, but strength, direction and guidance throughout. To Rachel, these factors are every bit as important as knowing the law.

Rachel is a member of the Queensland Law Society and the Law Council of Australia

Historically, Rachel has been the principal solicitor of her own firm for the last 14 years, retaining up to 29 staff across three offices, however her current focus is to run a far smaller practice, so as to enable her to really focus attention on a very small client base, and to ensure for clients the very best service available.

Rachel is married with two children and in her spare time enjoys competing in triathlons, obstacle courses and going out to dinner with family and friends.

Brendan Hanks – General Manager

Brendan is our General Manager. He has an Economics degree and prior to joining our office was employed extensively in the area of Logistics, assisting clients such as 3, SOCOG, Dell Computers and Australia Post. He has also been employed with foreign Telecommunication Companies and has worked in several positions in Asia.

Brendan joined our team in 2005. Presently, he is responsible for overseeing all staff members and managing the day to day running of the business.

Should you have questions requiring clarification on non legal issues, you should feel free to contact him directly.