Kate Austin Family Lawyers began as Rachel Stubbs & Associates in a little town called Camden in New South Wales in July 2003. It started as a sole operation, run by me, Rachel, and grew over time to run over three offices, employing up to 29 staff including ten solicitors. Its focus area was in family law, but we were also able to assist clients in other areas related to family law, such as Conveyancing, Criminal law, and contested estate work. The firm predominantly employed female solicitors who were able to return to work following maternity leave with access to child care, set up and provided for by the firm, giving it a unique environment and vibe. The firm took pride in and emphasized the provision of excellent, top quality legal services, particularly in the area of family law, and over the course of sixteen years, we produced a significant number of accredited specialists in the area of family law. Clients had the benefit not only of their solicitor practicing predominantly in the area of family law but also access to up to ten other solicitors, also with this focus, giving them a service backed up by an incredibly strong and vast level of experience. As the principal solicitor, my view was always that as well as having an extensive knowledge of family law, solicitors have to have the right personality to service clients going through a separation, and so staff were hired not just on the basis of their knowledge base, but on their personalities, with empathy, patience, and strength of character enabling them to guide clients extremely high on the agenda.

Over time the three office structure was reduced to one office located in Wollongong, substantially because I wanted to be able to spend more time with my own family, and two very young children.

After living and practicing law in New South Wales for 16 years, I made a decision to relocate with my family to beautiful (and warmer) Brisbane. Relocation to a big city provided an opportunity to commence a new practice in the heart of the Brisbane CBD and so Kate Austin Family Lawyers was born. The practice now focuses exclusively on the area of family law, which has been my primary area of expertise throughout my legal career. Family law is a challenging area, both because it requires a vast amount of knowledge, but also because it requires a personality that is empathetic, people focused, and service focused. I believe that I bring these qualities to all of the clients that I look after and represent. Family Law conflict has a huge impact on families and on children and I am driven to minimise the damage that often arises in these situations. At the same time, being a family lawyer means really being there for your clients and genuinely being interested and motivated to help them achieve their goals. Clients can be assured that everything possible will be done to ensure that the service they receive is the best possible service that a family lawyer can provide.

If you’ve read ‘Rachel’s story’ on the website, you’ll have a fair idea about the focus of Kate Austin Family Lawyers. In my former life, but for around sixteen years, I worked predominantly in highly contentious family law disputes, covering a broad range of issues from property settlements involving significant assets, to child support disputes, to jurisdictional questions, many of which ended up in the Family or Federal Circuit Court. For the reasons you’ll see set out in my story, I’m not focusing on that sort of thing anymore. A client once told me that what she really needed in her lawyer was a ‘head kicker’. If that’s what you’re after, you won’t find that here.

Kate Austin Family Lawyers is more about providing immediate and quick, cost effective solutions to practical problems for clients all over Australia, who have been able to work through the bulk of their family law issues themselves. I believe in the work that I’m doing and I believe that it genuinely helps people. In broad summary:-

  1. If you’ve got a family law agreement, whether it’s about property or parenting matters – and well done you, if you have – we’ll draft it up for you so it can be formalised into consent orders for a fixed fee.
  2. If you need help transferring real estate from joint names to one party’s name, we’ll do this for a fixed fee.
  3. If you want to get a divorce, but haven’t quite gotten around to it, we’ll do this for a fixed fee.

The bulk of family law practices continue to charge by the hour and you never really know what your bill will end up being. Sometimes they’ll fix fee these types of things, but it’s a one size fits all figure, designed to cover the most complicated scenario. At Kate Austin, you will find our fixed fees are modestly priced. After practicing for close to 20 years, and having very much been taught by old school practitioners, who valued highly the ability and skill to draft well when I first started out, I can draft orders properly and get things right the first time. I don’t have to charge exorbitant fees because I know what I’m doing. I’m an accredited specialist in family law, and registered as an accredited specialist in both Queensland and New South Wales. Also, because family law is a federal jurisdiction in Australia, we’re able to provide our services in all States, other than Western Australia. Whilst most of our clients live in both city and regional areas of Queensland and New South Wales, we also have clients from the ACT and expats living overseas.

The benefit that Kate Austin provides to our clients is a fixed fee, minimal hassle, time efficient process with a definite solution at the end. If this sounds like something that you need, we’d love to work with you.