Why Clients Choose Kate Austin Family Lawyers

We are very transparent in our service.

The main reasons Why Clients Choose Kate Austin Family Lawyers

We are transparent in our process. Our fees are fixed and the outcome is guaranteed. Or in more specific terms …

  1. You have an agreement and you would like it documented quickly.
  2. You do not want lawyers interfering and trying to change your agreement.
  3. You want certainty around fees.
  4. You want a stamp duty exemption for the transfer of a property.
  5. You want a legally binding property settlement that allow you to move forward with certainty.
  6. You need a superannuation Splitting Orders.
  7. A parenting Plan needs to converted to a be legally Binding agreement.
  8. We will not start a disagreement between the parties.

The TV courtroom dramas, however exciting they may be, are wrong. It’s not an adrenalin-ridden roller coaster that ends up with the “right” party winning.

Resolving separation and divorce through court is a harrowing, costly affair. There are few winners (other than the lawyers). And that’s why many people who approach us are skeptical as to how we can charge so little and still offer them all the legal support they need to get through these challenging times.

We no longer try to navigate the family law system. Instead, we encourage you to consider settling your differences outside the courtroom. And if you can do this, we’re able to keep your costs to a minimum while still being able to fulfil all your legal obligations.

Others ask if we know what we’re doing. And we can confidently say “yes”. Rachel is an accredited specialist in family law, and registered as such in both Queensland and NSW. More importantly, because we specialise in consent orders and have developed a super-efficient process to handle them, you’ll have yours completed in just a few days. Plus, as family law is a Federal jurisdiction in Australia, we provide these services to clients in all states except Western Australia.

In short, when you choose Kate Austin, you’ll get:

  • a modest, fixed fee with no surprises,
  • a fast, hassle-free process,
  • all your questions about the legalities answered,
  • everything handled by a lawyer with 20 years of family law expertise.

Why Clients Choose Kate Austin Family Lawyers

If this is the kind of support and resolution you’re seeking, call us for a no-obligation chat. We’d be happy to talk you through what you can do to make this time as stress-free as you can. Not convinced take the time to look at our reviews