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Fixed Fee Consent Orders in Melbourne Property Settlements from $2455 plus court fees

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We are a specialized Family Law firm with more than 25 years of experience. We are accredited specialists in NSW and Queensland. We provide Consent Orders in Melbourne at a fixed fee without negotiation between parties and a commitment to not interfere with your agreement. If you are interested in discussing your situation and have an agreement, we are glad to have an informal discussion with you. 

Fast Simple and Cost Effective Consent Orders

What Do You Need Help With?

Whatever stage of life you’re passing through, we can document and finalise a legal arrangement to help you find certainty.

Fixed Fee, Full Service Consent Orders from $2475 – Property Settlement

Whether you need an agreement that handles all aspects of a Property Settlement regardless of the assets involved, we’ll prepare everything for you and get an exact quote right now (including court costs), and we’ll guarantee your price for the next 6 months.

Property Settlement consent orders
Parenting Agreements Consent Orders

Fixed Fee Parenting Orders – $1980.00 plus court fees

Kate Austin Family Law will prepare Parenting Orders to make your parenting plans legally binding in just 24 hours. We are Accredited Specialists in Family Law with over 20 years experience in creating legally binding Consent Orders. We will follow your instructions to the letter to ensure we document your agreement.

Fixed Fee Property and Children’s Consent Orders – $2905 plus court fees.

By using the same application and court fees, filing both Parenting and Property Agreements is a very cost and time effective way of finalising your Family Law agreement.

Property and Parenting Consent orders

Family Law – A National Law.
Consent Orders for Victoria

After practising in family law NSW for 20 years, Kate Austin Family Law now works from Brisbane to help all Australians. We have developed a business model that allows us to serve clients nationwide by utilising custom intake forms and digital signatures. We are always available to help. You can reach our Practice Managers directly via their mobile phones.


Family Law is the same all over Australia, so a client in Melbourne, Gelong, or anywhere else in Victoria is subject to the same rules as someone in any other part of the country. The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia administers Family Law

Since 2018, we handled over 1500 Consent Orders in Melbourne and across Australia. This track record attests to our competence and efficiency in family law matters.


Because our clients are amicable, we enjoy a positive and safe relationship. Remember, this is your agreement – it belongs to nobody else. 

What Kate Austin will NOT do.

It’s the things we don’t do that set us apart.


What Kate Austin Will do to assist with your Consent Orders.

Associations of Which We’re Part

As experienced family lawyers, we’re also a member of Australia’s leading law associations.
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Rachel Stubbs Accredited specialist in Family Law
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Get an Online Quote With No Surprises

If you’re looking for a firm figure on what a Consent Order will cost, you can find it by clicking the button below. You’ll be able to calculate the cost based on your circumstances and get a quote you can trust.

We have a straightforward pricing structure that caters for all situations.

We have a price for a property settlement, with an additional cost for a superannuation splitting order if required. We also have a price for parenting orders.

Consent Orders Melbourne

Five questions we always get asked about Consent Orders.

  • Can you work with Clients in Melborne?

    Answer: Yes - Family Law is the same all over Australia. So long as you are an Australian resident, we can assist you

  • Will you work with both us? - we only want 1 lawyer.

    Answer: Yes, so long as you understand we are a neutral party and do not represent either of you.

  • Can you give us a fixed fee?

    Answer: We only provide fixed fees.

  • Will the Family Court accept our agreement?

    Answer: We will discuss your agreement with you. If we don't think it will be accepted, we will advise you both and suggest alternate solutions with other lawyers.

    We only accept matter we believe will be accepted by the Family Court.

Kate Austin Family Lawyers Melbourne
Remote Consent Orders Melbourne

Why People Choose Kate Austin for Their Consent Orders


  • It can cost you as little as $2420 for parenting or $2970 property orders, and only $3740 or both (plus the standard court fees)
  • We focus on Consent Orders, which means we know how to make sure yours is 100% rock-solid.
  • You have our guarantee that your Consent Order will be drafted within 24 hours.
  • We’re accredited specialists in family law and have practised in both NSW and QLD for 25 years.

After practising family law in NSW for 25 years, we’re now based in Queensland. As family law is a federal jurisdiction, people all around Australia (except Western Australia) come to us to help them move through separation and divorce quickly and inexpensively with a Consent Order.

Why People Choose Kate Austin for Their Consent Orders

Can you work with both parties?

Yes, we can but only under strict conditions.

How long do Consent Orders take?

Kate Austin Family Lawyers
Once we have your intake forms, we will generally have your first draft ready in 24 hours. We will advise you what day your matter is being drafted and would like you to be available if we have any questions. Your matter will be started in the morning, and your draft will be provided in the evening.
Once you have your first draft, we will make changes within 24 hours.

When you are ready to sign your documents, we will provide you with an electronic signature solution with access codes via your mobile. Once both parties have signed, we will submit your application for Consent Orders and “minute of order” to the family court online through our court portal.

The Family Court
The court’s approval of your Consent Orders may take up to 6 weeks. Please note, this timeline is influenced by the time of the year. Generally, the period leading up to Christmas and the end of school terms may result in longer processing times. Similarly, the start of new school terms may also experience a slight delay.

Can the Family Court change our Consent Orders?

No, when you present your application for consent orders and the proposed agreement, you ask the Family Court to either accept the proposed Consent Orders or not. They will not make a decision to change your agreement without your consent.

What is “just and equitable” in Consent Orders?

“Just and equitable” involves the concept of fairness in the agreement between the parties.

This is a very complex question, and it involves lots of variables. These may include.

While we do not provide legal advice to parties, we have made a decision that we will only work with parties that have come to an agreement that we firmly believe the Family Court will accept as just and equitable, ensuring a fair and balanced approach.

From our observation, people working together in good faith come to fantastic agreements. They do this not because they are told what the court expects or a lawyer has told them what to do but because they act out of respect for their former partner.

Family Lawyers servicing Melbourne you won’t find anywhere else

Kate Austin Family Lawyers are located in the CBD of Brisbane. As we provide a remote legal service, our physical location has no bearing on your ability to access our service.

Kate Austin Family Lawyers serves clients in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, and regional areas such as Shepperton, Pakenham, and Wodonga. Our service is fully remote, allowing people in regional areas to access highly qualified and specialised solicitors who would otherwise be unavailable. We can work with clients via email, phone, or Zoom calls since all of our legal services are remote.

Who is a Kate Austin Client?

Kate Austin Family Lawyers would be the best suited law firm for you if you are in the following situation.


Matters that are not suitable.

Our service does not suit everybody. It requires clients with a degree of trust in each other seeking a respectful Family Law solution.  If you do not have this, then we are not the firm for you. 

People and their roles in your matter

Brendan will be the first person you speak to at Kate Austin Family Lawyers. He has worked with Rachel for over 25 years, owning and working in Family Law firms.

Brendan will have an initial discussion with you about the process of consent orders and your agreement in general. After a discussion with him, we will advise you if your matter is suitable for our service, the fixed fees and the timeframes to complete your matter.

Rachel will take over your matter once you have submitted all of the information to the draft of your agreement.

She will email you once your first draft has been completed in the nominated evening. She will manage any changes required, finalisation of the Consent Orders and finally the submission of the agreement once signed to the Family Court.  

Brendan Hanks
Brendan Hanks
Rachel Stubbs
Rachel Stubbs

Five Questions about the Kate Austin Process

In order to submit your Consent Orders to the Family Court, we prepare all the necessary documents. The following are among them:

  1. Application for Consent Orders – Required for all matters
  2. Minute of Order – The written document outlining your agreement
  3. Notice of risk with only required with parenting orders.
  4. Letters to superannuation funds requesting splittting approvals
  5. Letters to the court as required
  6. Letters to actuaries for defined benefit superannuation.
  7. Any other correspondence as required by your matter.

We are happy to have a general discussion in relation to your consent orders, as this is the first step in understanding your agreement. Our discussion will cover the following topics.

  1. The main aim is to see If we are suitable for you.
  2. Generally, see if you have an agreement that would be considered just equitable.
  3. To see if we both believe we are suitable to work together.
  4. To discuss how consent orders would work in your situation, Asset by asset.
  5. Explain how the structure of your agreement would be laid out in a minute of order.
  6. General discussions about timing disclosure and process.
  7. Process to start consent orders with our office.

Free consultations are not useful unless you have an amicable agreement. We may direct you to a more suitable service if we are not a good fit.

Yes, we can, as long as everyone understands the rules.

1. We are a neutral party and we do not represent either of you. Our job is to draft the agreement that you have come to without any intervention. 

2. Either party can obtain independent legal advice, but it will need to be obtained from another firm.

3. If we believe that we will have difficulties having your matter approved by the Family Court, we will advise you both at the same time.  

4. We do not sign the certificate of independent advice on the application for consent orders as we have not provided any legal advice the either party. 

5. All our conversations are general in nature refereeing to process with the Family Court. 

Yes, but would be only general in nature and referencing the process of obtaining Consent Orders. 


We service clients all over Australia 

No, unfortunately  we do not provide that service. 

Our Consultation about Consent Orders is free.

We are happy to have a general discussion in relation to your consent orders, as this is the first step in understanding your agreement. Our discussion will cover the following topics.

Free consultations are not useful unless you have an amicable agreement. We may direct you to a more suitable service if we are not a good fit.

General questions about Consent Orders.

There is a significant difference in the cost of family lawyers. A time-based fee is still charged by most law firms, which means that the more time they spend discussing your matter with you, discussing it with the other party’s solicitor, and drafting your agreements, the more they will charge. It is important that you feel confident that the services you are engaging will be drafted and negotiated efficiently. The legal profession has a saying that time costing rewards inefficiency.

Fees at Kate Austin Family Lawyers are fixed. Our fees will remain the same regardless of how long it takes us to complete your matter. As a means of ensuring that clients remain focused on resolving matters in the shortest time possible, we have rules about how many changes clients can make and what timeframes they need to meet.

When you begin your case, it is imperative that both parties understand the agreement and are willing to share their financial information as soon as possible.


Depending on the type of dispute you want to resolve, consent orders vary:

  1. Property consent orders can be used to resolve all your property matters.

  2. Parenting consent orders can be used to resolve disputes related to your children.

  3. Property and parenting consent orders address both your property and parenting disputes in one consent order.


The minute of Order is the second document that we prepare. The minute of order outlines the agreement in written terms 

Creating and getting Court approval for a Consent Order in Victoria can involve a lot of hurdles. This is the guidance you’ll get from Kate Austin Family Lawyers when you need a Consent Order drafted and finalised. Regardless of where you live in Sydney, we will prepare your Consent Orders at a fixed fee and guarantee their approval in the Family Court or we will refund your fees.

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