The Kate Austin Story

The Family Law System Isn’t Serving the People Who Need it Most.

The Kate Austin Story

The Kate Austin Story started when people like you tell us this every day. And we’ve experienced it first hand for almost 20 years.

The problems are obvious, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hurt any less. It’s an unwieldy process that stretches on far too long, costs far too much and leaves everyone exhausted by the end of it.

But the worst part? The adversarial nature of the family law system almost seems to encourage bitterness, one-upmanship and anger.

It’s a system we can’t defend. It’s been a long time since we tried. Instead, we look to persuade clients to find a solution outside the system. To work things out in a more peaceful, inexpensive and harmonious way.

We weren’t always critics of the system. In fact, our first practice — Rachel Stubbs & Associates, founded in the little New South Wales town of Camden — was focused on family law and related areas.

Creating a unique environment for our mainly female staff, we grew to three offices and almost 30 staff. We took pride in seeing so many of our staff become accredited family law specialists.

But a growing business takes a toll both professionally and personally. After scaling back our operations, we decided to make a fresh start somewhere new.

A Better Way to Help You

Opening a new practice in Brisbane gave us a chance to do things the way we wanted, and more importantly, help others the way we hoped to.

A way to avoid drawn-out legal battles and spare families from the irreparable damage of taking matters to court.

A service that had no hidden fees or enormous costs lurking.

And a process that kept control in our clients’ hands the whole time.

We do this by drafting consent orders, which are court orders for private agreements to be sealed by the court. These allow you to make your own arrangements outside the court, but then have those wishes legally approved to reflect those arrangements. And because we specialise in consent orders, we do them cheaper, faster and better than practically anyone else.

So…The Kate Austin Story born again

We recreated our rules for Business

Firstly what we do

  • Our fees are always fixed – there is never confusion about our fee structure.
  • We always answer the phone and return calls – this seems obvious however if you have ever dealt with law firms you are know what I mean.
  • Our Orders and Applications are prepared in 24Hrs
  • Changes requested by clients are ready in 24 Hrs

Most importantly what we Dont Do

  • We do NOT represent clients who are unable to come to an agreement between them selves
  • We do NOT negotiate between parties
  • We do NOT attempt to change a clients agreement

So If ….

  • if you’ve tried another lawyer and found the process too expensive or too confusing,
  • if you’ve tried to do the legalities yourself but been buried in pages of fine print,
  • or you’re looking to avoid the huge stamp duty costs when transferring property from one name to another,

…you’ll find the help you need at the price you want at Kate Austin Family Law.

With Kate Austin, you’ll get the resolution and fresh start you’re looking for. If you’d like to know more about how people like you find a better way through these tough times, get in touch for a free, no-strings-attached chat.