Brendan Hanks – Practice Manager

“In our previous life working in litigation I’ve seen 9872 (and counting) family law matters pass through our businesses over the years. Sadly, only a handful of those clients felt the family law system worked for them.” Brendan Hanks

It’s hard helping people through a system you don’t believe in, even when there’s a great need. In our earlier business, working in such a negative part of the law affected us, our staff and most importantly, our clients, who were dealing with enough as it was.

After 18 years in Sydney, we decided to make a break. We moved to Brisbane and spent a year regathering ourselves before returning to family law. Not surprisingly, I still had no love for a harsh, over-complicated system that treated people so poorly. Wherever you were in Australia, the problems seemed much the same: the clients were still angry, the court lists still long. The only thing that had changed was us (and the weather).

I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was about to find a better way to help more people going through separation. One morning, I ran a small online ad campaign that highlighted some of our fixed fee services, starting with divorces and consent orders. Both are considered “bottom of the food chain” when it comes to family law.

After only few days, things felt very different. The clients who approached us weren’t angry, they just wanted to deal with things quickly and move on. Others knew they had to maintain a relationship with their ex-partners for the sake of their children, so looked to finalise private arrangements with consent orders. It was a side of family law I hadn’t often seen, as litigation always brought out the anger and hurt in people.

Since those days, we’ve focused our attention on consent orders and other fixed fee services, like divorces or financial arrangements. For our clients, they know we’ll find the right solution quickly and for a flat fee with no surprises. For us, it’s a pleasure not having to explain a complex process or justify enormous legal fees.

If you’re looking to keep the outcome in your hands, get in touch and let’s have a chat how we can help you without the complications, constraints and costs of the courtroom.

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Brendan Hanks
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