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A client once told me that what she really wanted in her lawyer was a “head kicker”. If that’s what you’re after, you won’t find that in me. – Rachel Stubbs

I did spend extraordinary amounts of energy helping people navigate their way through the unwieldy, exhausting and highly unsatisfying process that is the family law system in Australia. And I tried to do it in a sensitive, empathetic way.

Spanning three offices and 29 staff at its peak, I built a business in NSW dedicated to helping people deal with the complexities of family law. There was (and still is) a huge demand for lawyers able to support people going through these tough times with a kinder, more thoughtful approach.

“Head kicking” was never my thing.

But the system is broken. I couldn’t commit to working in a system I believe simply fails more people than it helps.

Today, with almost 20 years’ experience of practicing family law, I do what I can to persuade people to avoid the system altogether. Some people think I’m not on their side. They’ve bought into the “man-on-man, winner take all” courtroom dramas we often see on TV.

Others can see the painful process that lies ahead if they choose to battle it out with lawyers and courtroom. And that’s why they come to Kate Austin Family Law.

Why I Can’t Walk Away – Rachel Stubbs

Family law conflict has a huge impact on families, and especially on children. As a mother, I’m driven to minimise the damage from the fallout of separation or divorce. As a professional lawyer, I’m motivated to do everything I can for clients I genuinely care about.

That means I still work in family law to this day. However, I mostly do consent, solution-based work. A consent order is essentially a court order for family law matters that’s come about by private agreement and then sealed by the court. By avoiding a lengthy legal affair, a consent order is quicker, cheaper and less embittering for everyone concerned.

As a lawyer who’s practiced for 20 years, I don’t need to charge exorbitant fees for consent orders as I know what I’m doing (which is one of the reasons why so many choose us to help them). That’s a great comfort to most clients, as they feel legal costs can be a minefield of unpleasant surprises. It also means they understand every step of the process and are never confused with what’s happening.

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I also assist clients with other legal activities like divorces, wills and transfer of real estate. These kinds of things can leave people feeling “stuck”, so dealing with the legalities as quickly and professionally as possible helps them to get on with life.

On a personal note, I love spending time with family and friends, and when I’m not doing that, you’ll find me competing in triathlons and cycling events. One day, I’m going to ride my bike across America, just because I think I can.

If you need someone who understands what you’re going through and able to help you find a fast resolution at a fraction of the cost, please contact me and let’s discuss your circumstances.

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Rachel Stubbs

Rachel Stubbs Accredited Specialist in Family Law