How long does it take to process Consent Orders

How long do Consent Orders take to process?


How long does it take to process Consent Orders

How long do Consent Orders take?


How long will the family court take to approve your Consent Orders?

The time it takes for the Family Court to approve consent orders depends on the time of year of your application and which registry your matter has been allocated to. Since there has been an amalgamation between the Federal Circuit Court and the family court, we have generally seen times fall for the approval of consent orders. 

If you submit your consent orders towards the end of the year heading into Christmas, we generally expect a longer wait time. This is because there is a higher volume of consent orders and family law matters generally. If you submit your consent orders early in the school term, we see typically the approval time fall. 

Internally we run a metric on the number of days it takes for a set of consent orders to be approved. We calculate this over the last 30 matters that the Family Court has approved, and this considers what time of the year it is, regardless of the registry.

We have seen this number as high as 68 working days in September 2022 and as low as 8.5 days in February 2023. When we commence your matter, we will tell you the current expectancy.

What if your matter is not approved, and you need to respond to a requisition?.

The Family Court will advise how long you have to submit your response; however, it’s generally an additional 4- 6 weeks. Submitting a correct application will prevent this delay.



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