Can I get divorced before Consent Orders

Can I get divorced before Consent Orders?

Can I get divorced before Consent Orders?


Quite often clients ask us Can I get divorced before Consent Orders? There is no legal requirement that you must apply for a divorce prior to finalising your property settlement or finalising the future arrangements for the care of your children. On the contrary, for most people it is more important and much more of a priority to settle their children’s arrangements and/ or to finalize their property settlement prior to making an application for divorce.  In Order to make an application for divorce you must have been separated for a period of at least 12 months and it is often the case that there are pressing matters that need attending to in terms of property and children’s issues well prior to this deadline.


Many people wait until after their Consent Orders have been made before making an application for divorce and they look at this as the final step in their separation rather than the first step.


Once your divorce becomes final, you have a 12 months in which to make an application to the Family Court for a property settlement.  In reality if you are applying for Consent Orders then the court will have no difficulty in making Orders for a property settlement or indeed to finalize the future care arrangements for your children by Consent notwithstanding that it has been 12 months since your divorce became final and obtaining the court’s leave in this regard is rarely a problem.

In Short – Can you get Divorced before Consent Orders

It is nonetheless the case that you can certainly apply for a divorce prior to obtaining a property settlement if you want to, but practicalities usually mean that a property settlement is being attended to, either conjunctively with or prior to an application for divorce being made.



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