What are the advantages of Consent Orders

What are the advantages of Consent Orders?

What are the advantages of Consent Orders?


Quite often clients ask us advantages of Consent Orders? Fundamentally, signing off on Consent Orders gives both parties peace of mind that the agreement that they have reached has been both finalised and formalised. Neither party can then come back at a later date and seek changes to the Consent Orders that have been made unless the other party is agreeable to them.


Many people worry about whether or not their future income can be taken away by the other party, or that if they buy a house themselves or with a new partner in the future that the other party can then come back and take half of it. Other people worry that whilst they are on good terms at the moment and the shared parenting arrangement is working, if the other person decides to re-partner or perhaps wishes to relocate then this can have a significant implications for the agreement that is now in place.  No one has to follow the agreement, and this can leave parties in a precarious position if one party’s circumstances change and they’re no longer agreeable to the arrangement that was previously in place.


Locking your agreement into formalized Consent Orders can alleviate these concerns.  Neither party can just change their mind and decide they won’t comply with the terms of the Consent Orders anymore.  There is also a significant stamp duty saving if parties wish to transfer real estate from joint names to the name of one party as in the absence of there being Consent Orders in place then stamp duty can otherwise become payable on the transfer.



Who Can You Talk To About Consent Orders?

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If you are seeking additional information in relation to the advantages of Consent Orders you can contact the Family Court of Australia