4.    Consent orders are prepared by whom?

Consent orders are prepared by whom?


Consent orders are prepared by whom?

In your Consent Orders, whether they deal with property disputes or future child care arrangements, it is important that they are unambiguous and that they are drafted in a way that makes them legally binding and enforceable. You will find that if you submit proposed Consent Orders to the Family Court and they are not drafted in a way that allows the court to enforce them, the court will reject them and ask you to resubmit them. When one party does not follow the Consent Orders, the other party should be able to take the matter to court and ask the court to enforce the Consent Orders. The court will not be able to enforce the Consent Orders if they cannot be enforced. Therefore, although some people do draft their own Consent Orders, it is not something that is recommended. It is the job of a lawyer to draft Consent Orders in such a way that they will cover all scenarios and leave no room for ambiguity. Furthermore, well-drafted Orders ensure that nothing is accidentally left out, which can lead to a situation in which one party loses the right to enforce the Consent Orders because they weren’t properly drafted or because something was inadvertently left out.

Generally speaking, it makes sense to ask a plumber to do your plumbing, or an accountant to do your taxes. The same reasons you would hire an attorney to draft your Consent Orders apply to getting professional assistance with other aspects of your life. Poorly drafted Consent Orders can open the door to having to make a court application down the road to fix something that wasn’t done correctly, and the matter can become more expensive and complicated than it w


ould have been if the documents had been drafted correctly from the start.


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