Are Consent Orders legally binding?

Are Consent Orders legall binding ?

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Quite often clients ask are Consent Orders legally binding?

When your Consent Order is made, it has the same effect as a court Order made by a judge after a contested court hearing.  This means that if one party doesn’t comply with a court Order, you can make an application to the court to have the Order enforced.  This is the case whether the Consent Order relates to your property settlement, or is a parenting Order.  So for example, if you have a parenting Consent Order that has been made by Consent  that says the children are to be returned to you at a certain time on a certain day and that doesn’t happen, you can apply to the court to have the Consent Order enforced.  If your former partner is supposed to transfer a lump sum of money to you by a certain day and doesn’t, you can apply to the court to have that Order enforced.


Having said that however, the fact of having court Orders that are legally binding in place does, typically, result in both parties complying with them, as neither party usually wants to be taken to court to have an Order enforced against them.  Also, Consent Orders arise from an agreement being reached between the parties, and so because they’ve actually agreed to the Orders being put into place, they’re usually quite happy to comply with them.

In Short

But in essence, the Order has the same effect, and is just as legally binding, whether made by Consent or made pursuant to a contested court hearing.  The only difference is that you didn’t have to attend court or go through a contested hearing to get a Consent Order as the court makes the Orders in Chambers, not in open court.

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