In what financial matters can and cannot a Consent Order be used?

What can Property Orders include in Consent Orders?

Consent Orders cover all types of financial matters, ranging from transferring property from joint names to one person’s name to arranging for a superannuation split.  A consent order can include closing bank accounts or transferring balances from one party to another. A consent order may require one party to make a payment to the other within a certain timeframe or to transfer a motor vehicle from joint names to one party’s name.  In addition to simple matters, consent orders can deal with more complex ones, such as the transfer or winding up of family trusts, the transfer of companies and/or their assets. As a general rule, any assets and liabilities owned by the parties can be dealt with in (financial) Consent Orders. Companies and trusts can also be bound by consent orders, and the parties can be required to act on behalf of their owned or operated companies or trusts. An individual can also receive assets from a trust or company.


Child support issues, however, cannot be dealt with in a consent order. So if you want to have an agreement for the payment of child support for a child or children of the relationship not covered by your consent order. Gener

ally, child support matters fall under the jurisdiction of the child support agency. You can also have your own private and formalised child support agreement if you wish, but this document is known as a Binding Child Support Agreement, which differs from Consent Orders made by the court based on a property settlement.

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