What are the benefits of a Consent Order?


What are the benefits of a Consent Order? Obtaining Consent Orders is a good idea for a number of reasons. There are a lot of clients who have an agreement in relation to the division of their assets or the future care of their kids, but they want to formalize it. Additionally, there are timeframes for when things must happen, so there is no room for ambiguity and no chance of anything going wrong.

When transferring a property from joint names to the name of just one party, you can avoid the stamp duty provisions that would otherwise apply upon a transfer of real estate, as having consent orders from the family court will enable you to get a stamp duty exemption. For parties, this can be a significant saving.

Locking in arrangements for the care of children in your relationship means that if circumstances change or you change your mind about things, these arrangements cannot be altered in the future. Occasionally, a party decides to move away, or re-partner, upsetting the delicate balance that had previously been in place.  By creating Consent Orders, rather than risking that one party decides they no longer wish to follow a long-standing agreement, which could easily occur if the agreement was never finalized, both parties are bound to continue to follow their parenting arrangements, regardless of any change to their circumstances.


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