What is the Purpose of a Consent Orders?

Whats the purpose of Consent orders

Whats the purpose of a Consent Orders?


Clients quite often ask whats the purpose Consent Orders? The point is to is to formalises an agreement that has been reached between two parties to a former relationship. Regardless if they were married or in a defacto relationship property settlement including spousal maintenance where appropriate, and/ or the future care arrangements for their children.


Some parties do not formalise their agreement into Consent Orders, however the risk in not formalising your agreement is that one party will change their mind or decide at a later date that they do not wish to follow it anymore.  If the agreement was never formalised by way of court Order, there is no impediment to, and no implications arise if either party simply refuses to comply with it anymore.


The purpose of a Consent Orders


The purpose of a Consent Orders is to formalize the agreement reached into a court Order which then makes it legally binding and enforceable in the same way as if the court had made the Order pursuant to a contested hearing.  This gives both parties the peace of mind associated with knowing that neither party can change their mind or decide that they don’t want to go along with the agreement anymore.  Consent Orders also have the added advantage of neither party actually having to attend court to get them.


A Consent Order can be enforced by a court if it is not followed. This means for example that if the Order says that the children are to be returned to you by a particular time on a particular date and this does not happen then the court can enforce that Order.  In relation to a property matter it means, for example, that if your former partner was required to pay you a certain sum of money by a certain date and that has not happened, then you can approach the court to enforce that Order. If all you have in relation to these examples is an agreement then there’s nothing that a court can do to assist you.


Who Can You Talk To?

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If you wish further information we suggest to contact The Family Court of Australia 


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