How does a Consent Order work?

Quite of clients ask us How does a Consent Order work? In essence a Consent Order works in exactly the same way as any court Order. Provided that it is properly drafted it should be enforceable in the same way as any other court Order is otherwise enforceable.  So this means that if it is breached or somebody doesn’t comply with it then the non-defaulting party can list the matter before the court and ask for the Consent Order that has not been complied with to be enforced. There are penalties that can be imposed by a court for a failure to comply with court Orders. Quite often the court’s objective in family law matters is to see the Consent Orders complied with rather than imposing any penalty on the defaulting party.  Frequently, a non-complying party will be asked to participate in and complete a parenting course, which often results in the Consent Orders not being breached again in the future.


However the court does have a number of other powers that it can use that are more punitive in nature if Orders continue to be breached by one party.  Typically however court Orders are complied with by parties and particularly where they are made by Consent, the parties are generally quite happy to comply with them in circumstances where they arise out of an agreement reached between the parties.  Consent Orders do give both parties peace of mind, knowing that they are reliable and enforceable if necessary, but often just having them is enough and they don’t often require enforcing.  They also have the benefit of setting out clearly, and unambiguously what each party is required to do, minimising the opportunity for conflict to arise between the parties.



Who Can You Talk To About Consent Orders?

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Additional information in relation to How does a Consent Order work can be obtained from the Family Law Court