How to apply for a Family Court Consent Order

How to apply for a Family Court Consent Order?

How to apply for a Family Court Consent Order?


How do I apply for a Family Court Consent Orders?


Quite often clients ask us how to apply for a family court Consent Order? If you do not already have court proceedings on foot before the Family Court then there are two documents that must be filed to apply for a family court Consent Order.


The first document is called an “Application for Consent Orders”.  For property matters this document out each party’s background and income and then each party’s assets and liabilities including their superannuation. At the end of the document there is a table which sets out a mathematical summary of the outcome that is being proposed in a monetary format. The court can readily identify from this the overall percentage split and this assists them with determining whether the outcome is fair and equitable. For parenting matters the current arrangements in relation to the children including their current living arrangements, education, health and other matters are set out in the application for the court to consider.


The second document that must be filed Is a Minute of Order which in essence sets out precisely the Orders that you are asking the court to make, both in relation to property settlement and for parenting matters.


Provided that the documents are properly drafted and all relevant information is contained and provided that the court considers that the outcome in relation to a property settlement is fair and equitable and that the outcome in relation to parenting Orders sought it is in the best interest of the child or children, then court Orders will usually be made in accordance with the documents filed.


It is important to note that the Family Court will never vary the Consent Orders that you have submitted to something it considers more ‘fair’ or practical.  If the court has concerns with what you have submitted, it will issue a requisition which you will be required to answer, addressing the Court’s concerns.  The matter will then be reconsidered after the requisition has been properly addressed.



Who Can You Talk To About Consent Orders?

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