How long do Consent orders take to be made

How long do Consent Orders take to process in the Family Court

How long do Consent Orders take to process in the Family Court?


Clients often ask How long do Consent Orders take? As a general rule of thumb it takes approximately 28 days from the date that you file your documents with the Family Court until Orders are issued by the court.


The 28 day estimate is really only a guide and sometimes Orders can be made much quicker than this and sometimes they can take much longer to process.  The time of year can make a difference, as some times are busier than others and the State in which you file can also make a difference in terms of your documents being processed.  In some circumstances you can apply to the Family Court and ask for your documentation to be addressed urgently but the circumstances in which the Family Court will deal with matters urgently are very limited.


Typically it is the reaching of the agreement and the negotiation of its terms that takes the most time when it comes to getting your Consent Orders.  Once you have reached your agreement the difficult part is done and it should not take much longer for your documents to be properly drafted and for your matter to be finalized.


In some instances if there are any problems associated with the documents that you have filed then the matter will be requisitioned and you will be asked to address the court’s concerns. Once you have addressed those concerns and filed any amended documentation as required the Family Court will usually reconsider the matter after a further 28 day period.


Who Can You Talk To About Consent Orders?

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