Is a Consent Order binding and enforceable?

Is a Consent Order binding and enforceable?



Quite often clients ask us is a Consent Order binding? In simple terms, yes, Consent Orders are legally binding and enforceable in the same way as if the matter had gone through the court system as a litigated matter and the court had made Consent Orders at the end of a contested final hearing. There is essentially no difference.  What this means is that if either party decides that they will not comply with any of the provisions contained in the document then the other party is at liberty to put the matter before the court and ask for the Consent Order that is not being followed to be enforced.


It is however most commonly the case that once there are court Orders in place, both parties do comply with them.  Particularly when the Consent Orders have been made by Consent, it is our experience that the parties to them are generally happy to follow them, as fundamentally the Consent Orders are based on something that they were happy to agree to at the time.


It is important to remember that a Consent Order pertaining to the future care arrangements for children is very different to a parenting plan.  Parenting plans are not legally binding nor enforceable, and are often drafted in a way that means that they couldn’t be enforced in any case.  Many people attend mediation and a parenting plan is prepared that they are both happy with.  They then come to us and ask for the document to be redrafted in a way that can be enforced, that is, as Consent Orders.  They then both sign off on that and Consent Orders are obtained in accordance with their agreement, and largely in accordance with the parenting plan.


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Further information can be found on the Family Court of Australia website