Is there a Cooling of period with Consent Orders

Is there a Cooling of period with Consent Orders

Is there a Cooling off period when Signing Consent Orders


Clients quite often ask us Is there a cooling off period when signing Consent Orders?

Is there a Cooling of period with Consent Orders – No there is not . Once Orders have been made by the court that is the end of the matter and unless it can be established by a fresh application to the court that the Consent Order should be set aside then they will remain in place.  It is for this reason that it is often a very good idea for parties to both obtain independent legal advice prior to signing off on Consent Orders, particularly if they have any doubts or reservations about their position or to give themselves plenty of time to consider the Orders that are proposed to be made prior to signing them.


It is possible to withdraw your Consent to the making of Consent Orders between the period that you sign them and prior to the court considering the matter and making Orders in accordance with the documentation that has been submitted to the Court.  If Consent is withdrawn, then the court no longer has any jurisdiction to make Consent Orders.  Usually the court takes around four weeks from the time that the signed documents are submitted to the court until the Consent Orders are actually made, so there is time to withdraw your Consent in this intervening period.  You or your solicitor would need to notify the court of the withdrawal of your Consent as soon as possible to ensure that the withdrawal of Consent was noted before the court determined the matter, as once the Consent Orders are made, it is very difficult to have them changed.



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