Spousal Maintenance in Consent Orders

Spousal Maintenance in Consent Orders

Spousal Maintenance and Consent Orders


In some instances parties have an agreement where one party will pay to the other spousal maintenance.  Spousal maintenance might be paid by way of a lump sum or by way of regular payments, say weekly or fortnightly.   If the parties agree to this, then spousal maintenance Orders can be provided for and included in your Consent Orders. The agreement for the payment of spousal maintenance then becomes legally binding. You can have a spousal maintenance Order made by Consent whether you were married to the other person or in a defacto relationship with them.  You don’t have to have been married.  You can put whatever rules around the payment of spousal maintenance that you want to and that suit both parties.  For example, you might put a time frame around the spousal maintenance payments, so that they might continue for a period of time, or until, for example, a child of the relationship attain a certain age.  Many people use spousal maintenance while they are undertaking a course of study that will enable them to re-enter the workforce, and earn their own income.


In the same way that normal Consent Orders finalising, say, your property settlement are legally binding, Consent Orders that deal with the payment of spousal maintenance at similarly also legally binding.  This means that they can ban be enforced by one party against the other if they are not followed or complied with.



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