Who prepares a Consent Order?

Who prepares a Consent Order?

Who prepares the terms of a Consent Order

Who can prepare your Consent Orders?


It is important that your Consent Orders, whether they deal with property matters or matters pertaining to the future care arrangements for your children, are drafted in a way which makes them unambiguous and that they are set out in a way that makes them legally binding and enforceable.  You will find that if you submit proposed Consent Orders to the Family Court and they are not drafted in a way that enables the court to enforce them that the court will reject them and ask them to be resubmitted.  The idea is that if one party does not follow the Consent Orders then the other party must be able to take the matter to court and ask for the court to enforce the Consent Orders.


If the Consent Orders are not capable of enforcement then the court will not be able to enforce them for you.  Accordingly although some people do draft their own Consent Orders, it is not something that is generally recommended. A good lawyer will draft Consent Orders in a way that ensures that they will cover all scenarios and leave no room for ambiguity. Well drafted Orders also ensure that everything is covered and nothing is accidentally left out which can lead to a situation arising down the track where one party is left in a position where they can’t enforce the Consent Orders because they were not properly drafted or because something was inadvertently left out.


In broad terms, there is usually a good reason to get a plumber to do your plumbing, or an accountant to do your tax return.  The same reasons you’d get professionally qualified people to assist with other aspects of your life apply to getting a lawyer to draft your Consent Orders.  Poorly drafted Consent Orders can see you having to make a court application down the track to rectify something that wasn’t done property, and the matter can end up being far mor expensive and protracted than it could have been if the documents had been drafted correctly in the first place.


Who Can You Talk To About Consent Orders?

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