Does each person need a lawyer for Consent Orders?

Do both parties need a lawyer for Consent Orders?

Does each person and party need a lawyer for Consent Orders?



Whilst it is always a good idea to obtain legal advice prior to signing off on Consent Orders, it is not mandatory. Many people are in the situation where they have reached an agreement with a former partner that they are happy with and they do not wish to obtain advice in relation to what might otherwise happen were the matter to proceed to court and be contested.  In some instances, it is unfortunately the case that having a solicitor can result in the matter becoming protracted as lawyers providing advice are always very careful to ensure that all bases are adequately covered.  For many people, their agreement, or the fact of their having reached an agreement is a fairly simple matter and they simply wish to get on with things and not have the delay that can sometimes arise when both parties retain legal representation.  Some people have struggled over a lengthy period of time just to get to the point where they have an agreement with the other person, and they don’t wish to see a solicitor get in the way of that, which unfortunately can happen.


Some people get independent legal advice before sitting down with their former partner and discussing their property settlement outcome or proposed parenting Consent Orders, with both parties having had the benefit of legal advice.  They then don’t seek advice in relation to the proposed Consent Orders, once drafted, but are satisfied that they have obtained the information that they need in Order to make informed decisions about the outcome.


It should be noted in this regard that Consent Orders are very different to a binding financial agreement in that whilst both documents finalize a property settlement between separating parties, both parties are required to obtain independent legal advice prior to signing off on a binding financial agreement whereas neither party is required to obtain independent legal advice prior to signing off on Consent Orders.



Who Can You Talk To About Consent Orders?

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Should need more information in relation to Consent Orders research we suggest you look at the Family Court of Australia Website