What happens if you breach a Consent Order

What happens if you breach a Consent Order

What happens if you breach a Consent Order?

What are the implications of breeching a consent Order?


The implications of What happens if you breach a Consent Order is the same whether the Order was made by Consent or pursuant to a contested hearing.

Ordinarily the court will want to see the Order complied with and it can sometimes be the case that no other Orders that might otherwise be punitive in nature are made if it appears as though the Orders will be complied with in the future.  For many people, the prospect of having to attend court and answer questions about why you have not complied with an Order is enough to ensure compliance with the Orders in the future without a further penalty being imposed.

If the court is minded to impose some sort of penalty it will have regard to the nature of the breach and whether it was a minor or major breach of an Consent Order. It may also take into consideration how many times the Consent Order has been breached and the reasons why it has been breached in determining an appropriate penalty.


For a breach of a parenting Order, typically the court might only issue a warning for a minor breach or it may Order a party to attend a post separation parenting program.  In more serious cases however, it might Order a party to pay a fine or to pay all or some of the legal costs of the other side. At its highest the court has the power to imprison parties for breaching court Orders will though this is a rare outcome and would require a very serious breach of the Orders to have been found.


Other things that the court can do when they are looking at what to do after a court Order has been breached include changing or varying the Orders, suspending an Order or discharging an Order. An Order can also be made in a parenting case compensating the other person for lost time with their child or children if this is the nature of the breach.


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