What is a fair Consent Order?

What is a ‘fair’ Consent Order?

What is a ‘fair’ Consent Order?



Quite often clients ask What is a fair Consent Order


In property settlement proceedings the court can only make Consent Orders once it is satisfied that the Orders proposed to made are “just and equitable” or what is a fair Consent Order?What is just an equitable will vary, and can vary quite considerably, depending on the circumstances of the individual case.  For example in a very lengthy relationship where one party worked full-time throughout and the other party largely stayed home to raise the children and otherwise worked part time it is often a starting point for the court to consider that each party’s contributions to the relationship or equal. if both parties are then of a similar age and have a similar working capacity ahead of them then it will often be the case that the court would consider a fair and equitable outcome to be one which sees them share equally in the assets available for distribution. If in such a case one party was seeking Consent Orders which saw them take, say, 70% of the pool and the other just 30%, then the court might not consider that to be a just and equitable outcome and the court may well refuse to make the Consent Orders sought.


When proposed Consent Orders are submitted to the Family Court, if the court is concerned that the outcome proposed by the parties is not, on the face of it, just and equitable, it is likely to issue what is called a requisition notice requiring both parties to file affidavits which address on one hand what each party contributed during the relationship and on the other hand each party’s respective future needs.  Each party will then be asked to comment on why they consider that the outcome proposed is just and equitable. The coat will then consider this new evidence in making a decision about whether or not to make the Orders as sought.


It is important to note in this regard that the court does not simply rubber stamp whatever application is put before it but is legislatively required to make a determination that the Orders are just and equitable.  The Court will never however simply change what has been submitted to something it considers more ‘fair’ and the parties will always have the opportunity to put on more evidence before the matter is finally determined by the Family Court.

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