What financial orders can you put in Consent Orders

What Financial Matters can Consent Orders deal with?

What financial orders can you put in Consent Orders


Clients quite often ask what Financial Matters can Consent Orders deal with ?. Your Consent Orders can deal with all types of financial matters from transferring a property from one joint names to one person’s name through to making arrangements for a superannuation split.  Consent Orders can be made to include which close bank accounts, or transfer balances from one party to another.  Consent Orders can require one party to make a payment to the other party within a set time frame, or transfer motor vehicles from joint names, or from one party’s name to the other.


Family Court Consent Orders can also deal with more complex matters such as the transfer or winding up of family trusts and the transfer of companies and/ or their assets. In essence, any assets and any liabilities owned by the parties can be dealt with in (financial) Consent Orders. Consent Orders can also be sought which bind companies and trusts owned or operated by the parties and can require the parties to do or not do things on behalf of the company or the trust.   Assets can even come out of a trust or company and go to an individual.


Financial Consent Orders cannot however deal with matters that are in the nature of child support. So if you want to have an agreement in relation to the payment of child support for a child or children of the relationship that cannot be dealt with in your Consent Orders. Child support matters generally fall within the jurisdiction of the child support agency.  The parties can also have their own private and formalised child support agreement if they want to however this is a separate document, known as a Binding Child Support Agreement and again is different to Consent Orders made by the court by way of property settlement.



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