What is the difference between a Consent Order and a Court Order

Consent Order and a Court Order

What is the difference between a Consent Order and a Court Order

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Quite often clients ask us what is the difference between a Consent Order and a Court Order ?


There is no practical difference between a Consent Order and a Court Order in the sense that both are legally binding and both are legally enforceable by the Court.


The difference between the two however is that a Consent Order is made by agreement between the parties. That is to say, both parties are asking the court to make the Consent Order following an agreement having been reached between them. Court Orders can either be made by Consent or not by Consent.


If parties are in the Family Court and there are court proceedings on foot the court will often make Orders that either progress the case or which dictate to the parties what they are required to do, whether by way of property settlement or in relation to the future care arrangements for their children.  In the latter instance, the court makes Orders after having heard evidence from both parties with respect to their respective positions and the outcomes being sought by each of them.  Because the parties are not themselves able to reach an agreement that the court can make Orders in accordance with, the court imposes court Orders upon them, based on the evidence that each puts before the court, which they are then required to comply with, whether they like them or not.

In Short


So in essence a court Order is an Order that is made by a judge and one which is not usually negotiated between the parties. A Consent Order is a court Order that contains terms that the parties have agreed to or Consented to themselves.



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Further information can be obtained from the Family Court.