Why do I need a Consent Order?

Why do I need a Consent Order?

Why do I need a Consent Order?


Clients quite often ask us Why do I need a Consent Order?

There are a number of good reasons why it is a good idea to obtain Consent Orders. We find that many of our clients have an agreement in relation to the division or of their assets or the future care arrangements for their children but they want to lock it in to a formalised document.   Not only does this mean that all of your assets and all of your liabilities are covered off in your Consent Orders, there are time frames for when things must happen, so nothing is left to chance and there is no room for ambiguity.


If you are looking to transfer a property from joint names to the name of just one party then you can avoid the stamp duty provisions that otherwise apply upon a transfer of real estate as having family court Consent Orders means you can obtain a stamp duty exemption. This can be a significant saving for parties. This is a great reason why clients need a Consent Order


When it comes to children’s matters locking in arrangements for the care of children of your relationship means that these arrangements cannot be changed down the track if one party’s circumstances change or they just change their mind about things. Sometimes, for example, one party decides they wish to move away, or they might re-partner and this then upsets the careful balance that was previously in place.  Rather than risk one party deciding that they no longer wish to follow a long-standing agreement, which can readily be done if the agreement was never finalised, Consent Orders mean that the parties are bound to continue to follow the Consent Orders in relation to their parenting arrangements, regardless of any change to either party’s circumstances, which gives both parties peace of mind – yet another good reason why clients need a Consent Order.


Who Can You Talk To About Consent Orders?


The information contained here is general in nature and is not intended to substitute for legal advice. If you require assistance with documenting your Consent Orders or simply would like to know how much your Consent Orders will cost, you can contact our office or receive and instant quote online. Kate Austin Family Law services all areas of Australia. Whether you are in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne we can complete your application remotely. Most Consent Orders  are prepared in 24hrs by our principal Rachel Stubbs.


If you need further information about Consent Orders we suggest you research the Family Court of Australia Website


If you have questions in relation to Consent orders, please contact Brendan on 07 3128 0222.