What are Consent Orders?


Quite often clients ask what are Consent Orders ?


Consent Orders are a great way for separating parties to formalise an agreement they’ve reached for the division of their assets, or the future care arrangements for their children with the Family Court, without having to go to court.


In relation to a property settlement, they are a written agreement that sets out the division of your assets and your liabilities.  So for example, if one person is going to buy the other person’s interest in their house, the agreement sets that out in detail including when it will happen, the refinancing of any mortgage and any payment to be made to the other party for their interest.  In relation to parenting matters, Consent Orders set out the precise living arrangements for the child or children.  They might live week about with each party, or they might be predominantly cared for by one party and see the other parent during the week and on weekends.  Many other details are set out in the Agreement as well.


Once the court makes Orders in accordance with your agreement, it becomes legally binding, as if a court had made Orders after a contested hearing.  So they’re just as enforceable.  But neither of you have to attend court to get your Consent Orders made.  So long as you submit your agreement in a way that the Court accepts, it will make Orders in the same format that you’ve submitted your Agreement to the court.


Property settlements can also close bank accounts, split superannuation or deal with more complex things like dividing family trusts and transferring interests in companies.  The idea is that everything that is owned and owed is included, so there’s no dispute about anything later on.  Parenting Consent Orders deal with everything from where a child or children will live, spending time with each parent during holidays and special occasions like Christmas and birthdays, through to overseas travel, and where they’ll go to school.


Consent Orders are a great way to formalise what you’ve agreed to informally, and give both parties peace of mind and clarity to enable them both to move forward with their lives.


Who Can You Talk To About Consent Orders?


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If you require further assistance with Family law agreements we suggest you contact the Family Court of Australia

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